Our Plan For a Better Tomorrow


Community Living Wallaceburg has long used Strategic Plans as a key governance and management took in moving the organization forward in a world that continues to change and evolve, both strategically and operationally.


Community Living Wallaceburg is a progressive organization delivering a wide range of evolving services and supports to people with intellectual disabilities.

In support of this strategic planning process, eleven interviews and focus groups with stakeholders were completed in the February to March 2010 period.  This information along with a documents and trends review were developed into an Environmental Scan Report that was provided to the Board of Directors.  Using this Report as a base, a Strategic Plan Workshop involving ten members of the Board of Directors took place on Friday, April 30 and Saturday May 1, 2010.  From this workshop a new framework of Areas of Effort was developed to guide the organization for the 2010 to 2014 period.

The Areas of Effort are as follows:

  • To identify, assess and develop as viable, new sources of revenue that align with Community Living Wallaceburg’s Mission and which are based on community needs, market transitions and opportunities.
  • To continue the ongoing development of Community Living Wallaceburg’s human resources and organizational capacity.
  • To develop and implement a comprehensive and regularly evaluated Technology Plan for Community Living Wallaceburg.
  • To continue to develop strategies that enhance Community Living Wallaceburg’s ability to manage and adapt to ongoing change while remaining true to the organization’s Mission.

Each of these Areas of Effort have specific areas of focus identified.  I encourage you to learn more about Community Living Wallaceburg and our Strategic Plan.

-Derek McGivern, Agency President

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