Complaint Policy

Policy Statement

Community Living Wallaceburg (the “Agency”) is committed to providing services and supports in a manner which respects each person’s dignity and utilizes available resources to meet their needs and preferences. It is recognized that having a complaint process is an integral part of providing quality supports that are responsive to people’s needs and allows for continuous improvement in service delivery. In order to work towards mutually satisfactory resolutions, the Agency will endeavor to understand the complaint, work towards a timely response, and a mutually satisfactory resolution based on the following General Considerations and Procedures. Whenever a complaint arises, it is encouraged that the people directly involved are willing and able to resolve the complaint in a timely and informal manner to the extent that the issue and circumstances permit. In some situations, greater care and detail in both verbal and written communications may be required


The Complaints Policy and related procedures are applicable to individuals and persons acting on their behalf who are receiving a service or direct support from the Agency, from community agencies and from community members at large who may wish to bring forward a complaint pertaining to programs or services the Agency provides. The Policy applies to all staff of the Agency, direct and indirect volunteers, and independent inhome workers affiliated with Community Living Wallaceburg who receive a complaint.

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