jobmatch FAQ

Why should I hire someone with a disability?

In short, people with a disability have the skills and abilities to work. They may require some accommodations initially, but people with disabilities are able to do the job.


Are accommodations expensive for persons with a disability?

More often than not, accommodations are simple and inexpensive. Most accommodations are small changes in how information is transferred. For example, larger font for reading or verbal instructions instead of written. Generally, businesses can seek out funding or grants for larger accommodations such as a ramp outside of an office.


If I hire someone with a disability, they won’t stay with my business very long.

This is actually completely backwards. People with disabilities are more likely to stay at a business longer than those without a disability. It may (or may not) take more time to train someone with a disability, but they retention with businesses tends to be much longer.


What if an employment opportunity does not work out?

Sometimes matches don’t work out between the person and the employer. This is the case for people with and without a disability. Jobmatch can support the person as well as the employer in having this conversation so that it is understood by both parties the reason for ending employment.

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