Wallaceburg Wolves Baseball Challenge

Community Living Wallaceburg’s
2nd Annual Baseball Challenge

On September 12, 2017, volunteer members of the community took to the field to play a friendly game of baseball against the Wallaceburg Wolves. Thank-you to everyone who was a part of this fun event, to all of the community members, employees, and family who came to play and cheer on both teams. Big thanks goes to Greg Hetherington from 99.1 FM CKXS for his help with announcing the game and getting the crowd involved in the fun. As well as thanks to Alyssa Doherty for singing Oh Canada so beautifully to start off the game. Thank-you to Rob & Tracey from No Frills for donating the beverages to both teams. Coach Aaron Vandorsselaer deserves special mention for his 10 years as Coach for the Wallaceburg Wolves – his dedication to the team and its members are truly appreciated!

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