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Engaging Talent

Currently, almost 16% of Canadians identify themselves at having a disability. It is the largest minority in the Country. When you add family and loved ones, 53% of the population is directly affected by disability. It is projected that over 20% of the population in Canada will have a disability by 2020. Couple that with the Conference Board of Canada’s prediction that by the same year, there will be a one-million worker shortfall, and it is clear that business will need to enhance their understanding of disability to increase market share and meet future labour needs It’s our objective to not only present you with a hidden talent pool of eager, reliable and skilled candidates but to help you recognize the benefits by including people with a disability in your workforce.


Building Relationships

Treating everyone we meet with respect and professionalism is the jobmatch approach. We understand that the human connection we have with our employer partners is how we will continue to evolve our services while assisting you to positively affect your bottom line. At jobmatch we are not salespeople but rather liken ourselves to being problem solvers through relationship building.


Looking to Hire?

jobmatch offers the following services:

  • Pre-screening
  • Interviews
  • Job coaching
  • Retention
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