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The Individual and Family Engagement Series is a compilation of articles related to education, employment, housing and community participation; a resource for people seeking information and materials related to these areas.

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Focus AreaTitleAuthorDescriptionLink to Article
education v 2Special Education Advisory Committee - The Value of Social SkillsEva LizotteEva discusses lessons that children need exposure to assist with building their social skillsThe Value of Social Skills
education v 2Special Education Advisory Committee - 2014 Fall UpdateEva LizotteWays Community Living Wallaceburg's SEAC representatives can advocate for you.SEAC Fall Newsletter
community engagementFood, Flavours and Finding Connections:
Honouring Diversity in the Kitchen
Marilena Candito, Nnc.Marilena raises some interesting points about how eating together can help us learn more about one another. The article appears in the December 2014 edition of the Direct Support Workers Newsletter.Direct Support Workers Newsletter, Dec 2014
education v 2Special Education Advisory Committee - Positive Advocacy for Your ChildEva LizotteEva discusses the options for parents when advocating for their children at school.Positive Advocacy for Your Child
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