Where People Realize Potential


Established in 1956, Community Living Wallaceburg has a rich history of community building activities. While our roots are in Wallaceburg, we are engaged with communities across Chatham-Kent



Community Living Wallaceburg is a progressive association where people realize their potential and choices within inclusive communities.

The agency provides a full range of accommodation, community and employment supports to more than 400 individuals and their families throughout Chatham-Kent.


People Participating Proudly

Guiding Principles and Values

Respect and Dignity

That each person is an individual, with their own unique potentials, opportunities and needs, and who deserve to be treated with the respect and dignity that fosters trust-filled relationships.

Rights and Responsibilities

That every individual has freedoms and rights as a member of their community, as well as important responsibilities to that community, and is accountable for their actions.

Information and Choices

That the planning and supports provided for each person served must focus on their individual strengths and needs, providing meaningful alternatives and choices that support the achievement of their goals, desired outcomes and aspirations.

Building Partnerships

In the need to use all the community’s resources, through fostering partnerships and collaborative efforts, to better meet the opportunities and needs of the individuals supported.

Full Inclusion

In the need for public education and involvement by all citizens in creating an inclusive community that is accepting of and nurtures strong relationships with all its members.

Gifts and Potentials

That all people have gifts and talents that can make a contribution to their community, and which provide them with a sense of personal fulfillment and self-worth.

Family and Friends

That family and friends play a significant role in planning and in supporting their family member/friend to realize their potential to live a contributing and fulfilling life.

Celebrating and Learning

In creating an organizational culture that fosters creativity and innovation, practices continuous improvement, celebrates and recognizes contributions and achievements and supports lifelong growth and development.

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