Unlock Your Choices



Your Passport, SSAH and related funding provides you with unlimited options. Let’s talk about your choices and how we can help make this happen.




If you have or are seeking Passport, SSAH or other funds to purchase or arrange for services, Community Living Wallaceburg has you covered. How you proceed is your choice.


Self-Managed Supports

Choosing to manage your individualized funding, the Agency can assist you with the following:

  • Navigation and use of respiteservices.com
  • Hiring and training your own in-home worker
  • Accessing a wide range of community services
  • Transition planning from school to work, community and housing
  • Creating a self-directed plan
  • Administration of Passport, SSAH and other funding
  • Developing service agreements
Purchase of Services

Alternatively, you may choose to purchase services directly from Community Living Wallaceburg and benefit by:

  • Not having to hire staff or manage payroll
  • Having fully trained and qualified staff provide support in keep with your plan
  • Scheduled support with on-call back-up; services monitored and operated within Ministry regulations, Quality Assurance Measures, and safety standards
  • All records, reports, and financial responsibility managed by the agency.

Your options are endless. Want to learn a new skills, participate in a recreational activity or grain greater access to your community? Community Living Wallaceburg can help. For more information, please contact us at 519-627-0777, extension 2559 or by email denise@getintocommunityliving.com

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