Welcome to this new addition to the Community Living Wallaceburg website! Here you will find SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) updates for parents whose children are receiving special education programs or services from their local school district.

You have probably been given a pamphlet introducing you to SEAC, but you may not understand exactly how it works, and how this committee is relevant to you and your child.

The Special Education Advisory Committee is mandated by legislation – the Education Act – Regulation # 464. The committee is composed of members of various community organizations and associations, School Board trustees, members at large, administrative persons and resource program coordinators. Together we review all aspects of special education and can make recommendations to the Board on any matter affecting any aspect of special education programs and services. Meetings of the committee are held monthly during the school year.

Both Public and Catholic School Boards are forward thinking, and truly sincere in their efforts. Both Boards strive to foster success for every student every day. This means individualized learning plans delivered in an inclusionary way with supports provided to the student and the classroom teacher.

I am a Director on the Community Living Wallaceburg Board and have been selected as the Agency’s representative at the Lambton Kent District School Board. As such, I represent you, the parents and your students. Derek McGivern, another Director at Community Living Wallaceburg, represents our interests at the St. Clair Catholic District School Board. Derek and I welcome your questions, concerns and comments, and will respond promptly. With your permission, we will bring issues forward on your behalf. You can be sure that each inquiry will be taken seriously and confidentially.


Eva Lizotte
519 627-6651

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